Habib: To fortify nation and support army

JANUARY 27, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) Member of Parliament, Khoder Habib, on Tuesday called for fortifying the Lebanese borders with occupied Palestine and for full support to the Lebanese Army institution.

“Lebanon is a small country that cannot tolerate any sort of Israeli aggression,” Habib told Future T.V., reminding that Quneitra incident had taken place on Syrian territories and claimed the lives of a few “Hezbollah” members and some “Iranian” leaders.

Touching on the U.S. travel warning to its nationals to avoid travel to Lebanon, the lawmaker wondered whether the U.S. feared an Israeli war against Lebanon, similar to that of 2006.

“We are in an urgent need to fortify the internal Lebanese scene and to have all the Lebanese politicians join ranks in the face of Syria developments and their repercussions on Lebanon,” the lawmaker said, noting that adherence to the self-dissociation policy was the best means to safeguard the internal scene.