German Embassy: Ready to play mediator role in transferring Lebanon’s waste for treatment in German factories

August 01, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) In an issued statement by the German Embassy in Beirut on Saturday, it indicated that “it is ready to play the role of the mediator in transferring Lebanon’s waste to be treated in German factories.”

In an effort to clarify recent circulated news by Lebanese media over the issue, the statement disclosed that, “In the beginning, the Embassy was ready as a State to propose the matter for discussion, in order to contribute to finding a suitable solution to the waste problem suffered by Lebanon.”

The statement went on: “In the second half of this week, two Lebanese Officials contacted the Embassy in Beirut, including Economy Minister Alain Hakim, requesting further information on the possibility of treating Lebanon’s waste in German factories.”

“Accordingly, the German Embassy provided preliminary information to those who contacted it by phone over ways of administering waste in Germany, and has also provided by email necessary data related to the concerned sides to be contacted in Germany to that effect,” the statement added.

“To this effect, the German Embassy has taken the role of mediator and facilitator between the Lebanese side and the concerned private sector in Germany in charge of administering this dossier,” the statement continued.

“Based on the above, it remains up to the concerned Lebanese official sides to discuss the matter with the private sector in Germany, and adopt the necessary measures in order to transfer the waste from Lebanon for treatment in German factories, if that were possible,” the statement added.

“The German Embassy in Beirut is ready to complete the mediator role it had started in this respect,” the statement concluded.