Gemayel welcomes UNSC resolution on Yemen

APRIL 16, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) Former president Amine Gemayel on Thursday heaped praise on a fresh resolution adopted by the UN Security Council on Yemen, considering it as “an international procedure in the right direction.”

He said that completing its adoption would cease bloodshed and lead the country towards a solution to the crisis.

“It also confirms the recognition of the international community of the constitutional legitimacy in Yemen where an outlaw armed category has staged a coup against the state’s authority,” Gemayel reckoned.

The former president called the UN to assume a full role in that respect, in collaboration with the Gulf Cooperation Council and the countries keen on Yemen’s security.

He saw that “some extremist Yemeni rebellious groups” fueling turbulence in the country actually drew more than a question mark about their role in jeopardizing the region, in addition to the creation of hot demarcation lines along the Yemeni-Saudi borders, “at a time when Saudi Arabia should be devoted to back and clinch the Arab security.”

“This abnormal situation must not continue. The Saudi position expresses the concerns of all the Arab states over the tension fomented by the fundamentalist movements, which puts the Saudi borders in constant turbulence,” he went on to say.

Gemayel added that he regretted that the “unjust” campaigns had targeted Saudi Arabia, confirming his keenness on the “brotherly relations between Lebanon and Kingdom,” reminding of the “generous” Saudi initiative to gear up the Lebanese army.

He lastly called to stop using Lebanon as a land to demonstrate in support for a foreign side, renewing calls upon the Lebanese to return to the inside and cease implicating Lebanon in Syria’s war or even further. He argued that such a thing would destabilize Lebanon, as it contradicted the state policy and Baabda Declaration, and jeopardized the interests of the Lebanese working in the Gulf.