Gemayel praises Hariri’s speech: a finger to the wound of threats to Lebanon and its democratic regime

FEBRUARY 14, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) Kataeb Party Head, former President Amine Gemayel, commended in a statement Saturday “the sincere national speech delivered by former PM Saad Hariri marking the 10th commemoration of Martyr PM Rafic Hariri’s assassination,” noting that it “pointed a finger to the wound of the threats facing Lebanon and its democratic system,” and “reasserted national constants, both openly and directly.”

Gemayel also praised Hariri’s “focus on the priority of ending the presidential vacuum, as a prelude to restoring normal life to Lebanese politics and solving its crisis.”

Moreover, Gemayel welcomed “Hariri’s clear position on the ongoing dialogue between the Future Movement and Hezbollah, and his focus on the State’s exclusive right to peace and war decisions,” recalling herein the Kataeb Party’s “consistent support to the State’s authority, strengthened role and responsibility.”

Furthermore, Gemayel pointed to Hariri’s “refusal to link Lebanon to any regional axes,” and called for “meeting such a sincere national discourse in a manner that allows for the neutralization of Lebanon, away from the conflict and fire zones.”

Gemayel praised Hariri’s “focus on the need to establish a civil state, in addition to the need for openness and rejection of extremism,” noting that “Lebanon is a country that fosters co-existence and renounces all forms of violence and isolation.”

Gemayel concluded by highlighting the “necessity of supporting Hariri’s call to save Lebanon,” adding that “the first step along the journey of salvation lies in the election of a new President of the Republic.”

SOURCE: National News Agency- Lebanon