Gemayel asks judiciary to open Sukleen’s accounts to know political sides benefiting from trash file

July 27, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) Kataeb bloc head Sami Gemayel on Monday called on the finance and general prosecutors, Justice Minister, and all the concerned officials to uncover all politicians who are taking advantage of Sukleen and the people to attain personal benefits.

Gemayel expressed sorrow for the continuation of waste crisis and said after the party’s weekly meeting, “We do not know what else we can do after proposing a number of practical solutions and doing all we can do to solve the waste crisis temporary until the end of the tenders”.

The MP added that three months ago, his bloc had proposed a solution to waste disposal.

He criticized those who are achieving financial gains without taking into consideration the people’s health, pointing out that “achieving financial gains has become more important than the people’s health”.

He asked about the delay in resolving the waste disposal crisis, calling on the concerned sides to act in a bid to resolve the current catastrophe.