Geagea: We may not differ over Saudi assistance to reconstruct

APRIL 18, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) We may differ on many things but not over Saudi assistance to rebuild Lebanon, Commander of the Lebanese Forces’ party Samir Geagea, addressed Nasrallah during a televised phone call to M.T.V. today.

Geagea exclaimed as to how Nasrallah can miscalculate by attacking Saudi Arabia and jeopardize Lebanese interest! As a Christian, Geagea added that he only heard nice words uttered by the Saudis in favor of Chamaoun, Gemayel and Rafic Hariri and as a Muslim; Hizbullah Chief must consider high Muslim interest the same way he himself did.

With regards to Nasrullah’s moral stand towards Yemen, he’d better take a similar stance towards a Syrian regime bent on killing its people with chemical weapons, he went on. The Saudi-led Storm of Firmness came in reaction to a coup d’état staged by the Houthis and Ali Abdullah Saleh Geagea retorted. He defended president Hadi as a legitimately elected head of state and traced back the peaceful beginnings of the Syrian Revolution which suffered initially 10,000 killed or wounded before rearming in self-defense.

Why do you thank Syria when we as Lebanese from all sects suffered most at the hands of the regime and as a Cedar Revolution, Geagea pledged to press ahead with his 2005 platform till victory, he concluded.