Geagea marking Armenian Genocide: Lebanon homeland of the oppressed

APRIL 22, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) Lebanese Forces Leader, Samir Geagea, on Wednesday said that Lebanon is the homeland of freedom, the homeland of the oppressed people, and the homeland of every individual seeking security and freedom.

“We will never be satisfied with any alternative to our country, Lebanon. We want Lebanon to remain an oasis of freedom and a habitat for human values, not a bulwark in the face of oppression, injustice and obscurantism,” the LF chief said in a word he had delivered in Meerab during a celebration marking 100 years since the Armenian genocide, in the presence of scores of senior official figures and dignitaries.

“We want Lebanon to keep brandishing the flags of rights and freedom. We don’t want our country to shelter gunmen and ammunition depots that are only means to suppress freedom and to kill humans in the East. We want Lebanon to remain a repository of science, light, civilization and humanity, not a source of crises and support to Daesh,” he added.

Geagea went on to laud the peaceful nature of the Armenian people, saying that their arrival to Lebanon came with their respect to the country’s independence and sovereignty.

“The Armenian people arrived to Lebanon on the eve of a tragic crime; nevertheless, they retained the country’s peaceful nature, and did not drive this reality towards insurgency and unrest. Instead, they adopted the incentive to improve their living conditions through noble and legitimate means and did not try to undermine the elements of the Lebanese state. They believed in the free, sovereign and independent Lebanon,” Geagea said.

“They did not try to steal the resources of the state, but gave their flesh in the service of the country. It was the Lebanese Forces’ honour that many young Armenians had joined its ranks in defence of the Lebanese cause,” Geagea added.

Touching on the regional scene, Geagea saw that the massacres that are being committed everyday in Syria, Iraq, and Libya reminded us of the Armenian genocide.

“The reluctant international position from the Syrian massacres today resemble the frail international reality that accompanied the Armenian Genocide back then,” Geagea added, calling on the international community and Arab countries to abide by the terms, agreements, declarations, and charters and to take decisive deterrent actions.

In turn, Armenian MP Shant Janjanian, said that today’s regional scene resembles yesterday’s slaughter of innocent Armenian people and many other peoples of the region at the hands of the Ottoman Empire.

“The same scene is being repeated today in other countries in the region at the hands of malevolent terrorist groups that are entrenched with hostility towards the human civilization and religions. Even if the time and place differ, the case is one and so is the struggle en route to justice, rights, and a robust state,” the lawmaker added.