’Future’ pushes for urgent meeting by Security Council, implementation of 1701

JANUARY 28, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) The Future Parliamentary bloc held its regular weekly meeting on Wednesday under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Fouad Siniora. The meeting reportedly touched on the most recent developments in Lebanon and the region, especially in light of today’s military developments in Shebaa Farms, including the death of a UNIFIL peace keeper in the same operation.

In a statement issued in the wake of the meeting, the Future bloc extended its “heartfelt condolences to the leadership of the international peacekeeping forces and to the family of the slain soldier.”

During the meeting, conferees agreed that Lebanon’s security and the safety of the Lebanese people must top the concerns and priorities of all the Lebanese parties.

“Lebanon’s security should be preserved by means of demonstrating commitment to safety through word and deed, and by fully staying away from any involvement which carries a threat to Lebanon,” the statement read, stressing full commitment and respect to UN Security Council Resolution 1701.

“Fateful and national decisions, including war and peace issues are the responsibility of the Council of Ministers,” the Future bloc’s statement reminded, refusing to have any party be entitled to confiscate the will of the Lebanese and the constitutional powers vested in national decision-making.

The bloc asked the Lebanese government to “make the necessary contacts in order to call for an urgent meeting by the UN Security Council to discuss the volatile situation along the Lebanese southern border, including the Security Council’s call for restraint in order to prevent an increase in tension and deterioration.”

Conferees also stood for a moment of silence mourning the death of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz, “whose absence is of a big loss for Lebanon, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the Muslim Arab world.”

The meeting had also been an occasion to discuss the “the heroic role which had been played by the Lebanese army dealing with terrorists on the eastern Lebanese border, most notably the latest battle in Talet al- Hamra of Ras Baalbek.

“The Lebanese Army martyrs, in the recent battle of Ras Baalbek, have given their lives in defense of Lebanon, freedom, dignity, and security, as well as to protect the country against criminals and terrorists who are not serving the cause of change in Syria, but the issue of black terrorism which serves the regime.”

The bloc finally demanded that the Lebanese government swiftly put an end to the tragedy of military hostages.

SOURCE: National news agency – Lebanon