MUSCAT: Choppy seas and high wind have forced fishermen to fish close to the shore to avoid their boats being capsized.

“Such rough weather conditions, with waves over 2m high are a fisherman’s nightmare, putting our small boats at the risk of capsizing and sinking,” Saeed al Nasri, a fisherman from Kalbuh told Muscat Daily.

According to the Directorate General of Meteorology and Air Navigation (DGMAN), high winds and hazy conditions are likely to last till Thursday. “Sea will be rough along the Musandam coast with maximum wave height of 3.5m. It will be moderate along the Arabian Sea coasts with maximum wave height reaching 2.7m,” a DGMAN official said, adding “A north and north-westerly wind is causing hazy conditions with reduced horizontal visibility over most of the sultanate and partly cloudy skies over Musandam, coastal areas of Sea of Oman and the Al Hajar Mountains. There are chances of isolated rainfall and temperatures will be a few degrees below average.”

Nasri said fishermen are using this time to mend nets and service their boats. “Nobody from our fishing community has ventured out to sea since these high winds started. Some are fishing in bays or along the coast. All we can expect to catch are smaller fish such as sardines; the bigger fish are further out in the sea.”

Mohammed Sulaiman Mohammed, an elderly fisherman said, “In the past, we would venture out with our traditional boats which don’t sink even after capsizing, but we are being careful, and are heeding to the advice from authorities.”

SOURCE: Muscat Daily