First day of Taif Conference kicks off

OCTOBER 23, 2014 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) A conference on Taef Accord, 25 years after its conclusion, was inaugurated on Wednesday at Phoenicia Hotel, upon the invitation of the Civil Center for National Initiative.

Thursday, today, was the first day of the conference’s works, during which Lebanese MPs, Ministers, political figures, parties’ representatives, UN and Arab League figures delivered words.

Future MP Samir Jeser, said that it was necessary that the texts of the political sectarianism abolition stipulated in the Taif agreement be implemented.

He also stressed the need to dissolve all militias that have been operating outside the State’s control.

“The Lebanese-Syrian ties, set in the frame of mutual respect of each country’s sovereignty, remain an obligation imposed by the national interest,” he said.

As for the Free Patriotic Movement’s representative, former Minister Salim Jreissati, stressed the need to give the Lebanese President the direct popular legitimacy, i.e. he underscored the need to have the people elect their president.

He did not fail to shed light on the importance of abolishing the political sectarianism.

MP Nawwaf Moussawi, representing Hezbollah, said that the political parties should assume responsibility –regardless of their differences — and line up to abolish the danger of takfirists.

The Lebanese Forces MP, Elie Kayrouz, said that the Taif Agreement had no justification whatsoever for the establishment of a resistance outside the State’s control.

The German Ambassador, who also spoke on the occasion, said that the importance of the Taif Agreement was in paving the way to build the Lebanese State.

“Lebanon has become of the most important partners of the EU,” he said.

Stressing the European effort to prevent the transmission of war to Lebanon, the Ambassador said that “the European agenda goes beyond Taif Agreement but with taking it into consideration we look for an electoral law to be drafted away from sectarianism.”