Fayyad: Dialogue continues for tackling difficulties

JANUARY 18, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) Dialogue between Hizbullah- al-Mustaqbal continues for tackling difficulties and bridging existing gaps, MP Ali Fayyad stated during the funeral of a slain party member in the southern Lebanese village of Bleeda today.

Politicians here, bear certain responsibility for staking hopes on Nusra/ISIL terrorism, Fayyad charged.

The deputy listed a couple of humanitarian and religious duties for confronting both organizations and renewed warnings to the Americans and Europeans who wrongly deployed them in Syria and Iraq as he said.

Our party and the Hariri group happen to be in the same anti-ISIL boat and we shall make it to the shores of safety together, he vowed.

Fayyad charged the West with fomenting ISIL terrorism by offending the Prophet and by passing so-called anti-Semitic laws; Offending Muhammad would only pitt one religion and culture against each other while destabilizing international relations, he went on.

We shall ignore certain criticism levelled at our party by al-Mustaqbal supporters albeit, we would continue to confront Takfeerism through national unity and dialogue, the deputy concluded.

SOURCE: National News Agency- Lebanon