Fattoush says standoff with Manal Daou prefabricated

OCTOBER 23, 2014 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) Member of Parliament, Nicholas Fattoush, on Thursday described his scandalous dispute with Manal Daou as premeditated and aimed to defame his political and patriotic stances.

The Minister went on to accuse those who had “orchestrated” this row of targeting his parliamentary extension draft law.

Narrating the details of this incident, Fattoush said that he had been at the General Prosecutor’s office to file a law suit, when the only employee at the office told him to wait for his turn claiming that she was busy checking other complaints and documents.

“I told her that she had to attend to my request whether she liked it or not!” Fattoush said, denying ever punching her.

He said that he had headed later on to Claude Karam’s office to complain against Daou’s odd behaviour.

“She apologized to me claiming that she did not know who I am,” Fattoush added, accusing media outlets of launching a prefabricated campaign against him.

He also accused the media of aiming to mislead the public opinion by claiming that the law suit he had been about to file had to do with some queries.

“This is not true. I was there on the behalf of Mrs. Mona Pharoun, Minister Michel Pharoun’s wife, who had tasked me to press charges against her husband over accusations of adultery. I insisted to file the law suit myself because I was afraid the information would be somehow leaked,” the lawmaker said.

Fattoush went on to accuse Justice Minister Ashraf Rifi of mismanaging his reaction to said quandary.

“Rifi is supposed to summon people to his office and not violate the law by going to the Justice Palace. He should have summoned Daou and listened to her testimony,” Fattoush added.

“I handled Daou as an employee and not as a woman. I really hope that women do set themselves apart from this issue and not employ this matter as a political ploy,” he added.