Fatfat: Showering Beirut skies with bullets is a provocation

JANUARY 31, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) Showering Beirut skies with thousands of bullets and rockets is an arrogant provocation aimed at Hizbullah’s neighbours, Future Bloc deputy, Ahamd Fatfat stated today.

Security and judicial organs must take the initiative by securing people’s lives and safety, Fatfat retorted. As Nasrullah’s utterance tightened full Iranian hegemony over both Syria and Lebanon, he went on, Hezbollah must hand over perpetrators to police and courts, he stressed.

The government must duly take a stand regarding Nasrullah’s speech as well as aggression meted to Lebanese people’s wellbeing and security, Fatfat concluded.

SOURCE: National news agency – Lebanon