Fatfat: Jumblatt’s tweet risks keeping Hizbullah’s weapons

APRIL 13, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) Jumblatt’s recent tweet suggesting a change in Taef, risks keeping Hizbullah’s weapons, Future Bloc House deputy Ahmad Fatfat, told a group of deputies and Mustaqbal Mukhtars (headmen), he’d met in Seer ad-Dinniyyeh today.

Congratulating local (Muhktars) on their day, Fatfat credited them with paying sometimes from their own pocket while rendering social services to their constituency.

Also, marking the 40th anniversary of the Lebanese civil war, Fatfat spoke about economic and financial deterioration befalling these outlying areas. He criticized certain Public Works’ ministers for failure to develop Akkar/Dinniyyeh. He vowed to appoint a minister on the next cabinet from Akkar.

He went on to criticize whom he called voices toeing Hizbullah and accused them of compromising interests of thousands of Akkaris working in Saudi Arabia and Gulf states. Describing the war in Yemen as an Arab-Persian conflict, Fatfat quoted Nasrullah’s latest speech to the extent that the party chief portrayed his Iranian brand of Jihad is being fought out between Muslims and Jews.

Hizbullah’s Lebanese character is cast under a long shadow of doubt since party’s wallowing in Syrian, Iraqi and Yemeni blood has gone too far, he exclaimed.

Also Terror and intimidation is conspicuously reflected in Muhammad Raad’s latest speech where he stressed unshaken belief in the logic of arms; Hizbullah lies and lies and we do not believe the Hizb anymore, Fatfat charged. Saad Hariri won’t consent to an amended Taef, he added.

Fatfat challenged Hizbullah to work together with his Bloc for a neutral Lebanon for in his words, whoever engages in gaining monopoly over the state craves a fresh political thinking about a new future for this country and for themselves, Fatfat concluded.