Fatfat: Holding parliamentary elections will lead to comprehensive vacuum

OCTOBER 23, 2014 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) Member of parliament Ahmad Fatfat said that currently Lebanon has two choices either to hold parliamentary elections– which is impossible due to the security and political situation– or to head to comprehensive vacuum.

“Amid the absence of a Republic president, we would reach a resigned cabinet after the parliamentary elections and inhability to nominate a prime minister to formulate a new cabinet, because this is of the president’s duties,” Fatfat told “Voice of Lebanon” radio on Thursday.

The MP considered that more than half of those who support the extension of the parliament mandate are Christians, noting that “attending the parliament expresses constitutionality rather than voting in favor or against” any issue under discussion.

Separately, Fatfat confirmed that “Lebanon offered more than it can in the refugees’ issue.”