Fatfat: Dialogue implies no retracting from constants

FEBRUARY 21, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) Future-Hizbullah dialogue implies no retraction from constants, leading Future Bloc parliamentarian Ahmad Fatfat, affirmed during an interview on al-Mada radio station talk-show today.

Dialogue comes within the context of a Future Bloc decision to protect the country as far as possible while seeking to reactivate state institutions and work out a statist – based strategy designed for the preservation of the country, the deputy added.

Saad Hariri’s return refutes the so-called “one way ticket notion” while reasserting our option to talk to Hizbullah and Aoun, he went on.

Our combat targets the regional threat posed by ISIL albeit, we remain adamant in our opposition to Hizbullah’s involvement in Syria on Assad’s and Iran’s side, he retorted.

Accusing Hizbullah of physically liquidating its Amal and Communist opponents (at one time) here in Lebanon, Fatfat went on to accuse the party of murdering Syrians in the actual ongoing conflict.

For Future Bloc ministers, cabinet decision-making mechanisms are not subject to Hizbullah’s wishes and therefore remain unchanged, Fatfat concluded.