Fatfat: Budget approval is a patriotic interest

APRIL 25, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) Budget approval is tantamount to a patriotic interest, “Future” Bloc member Ahmad Fatfat exclaimed during a symposium over the salary scale issue in Dreib, Akkar today.

As the all-out economic situation necessitates a quick dealing with salary scales, any further feet-dragging in parliament is liable to increase the public debt, Fatfat said.

The deputy warned that alienating the salary scale from House of parliament working agenda may aggravate deepening social divisions between working categories which would lead in turn to injustice entailing undesired public reactions.

Accusing the Aounist Trend of blocking the passing of the salary scale on a couple of occasions or more, Fatfat defended his Bloc’s position, concluding that the scale must remain part and parcel of the annual budget.