Faroun: Linking presidential election to regional crisis protracts vacancy

FEBRUARY 8, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) Linking the election of a new president to regional crisis is bound to protract a vacant first presidency, minister of Tourism Michel Faroun stated today. He reiterated however that the basic equation governing the functions of Salam-led cabinet still operational notably the management of the domestic crisis.

The minister urged politicians to hammer out some sort of understanding over electing a new president in a bid to prevent further sliding into the regional blazing oven, as he called it.

Faroun ruled out a 2009 Doha-style of settlement urging thus domestic protagonists to make a move towards reaching some understanding and dismissed any tangible breakthrough brought about by Francois Giraud’s recent visit. Admittedly, Western efforts succeeded in bringing Hizbullah and the Future Bloc closer together sparing us further sectarian tensions, he added.

Tamam Salam proposed a set of fresh government working mechanisms which were rejected by March 8 ministers out of fear of stripping them of their veto power over cabinet decisions albeit, in his wise policies the prime minister remains undaunted and keeps trying, Faroun concluded.