By: M Najmuz Zafar

MUSCAT: The sultanate’s one-stop donations portal raised RO173,266 during Ramadan this year, the second highest in the holy month since its launch in 2009.

While RO47,924 was raised in the first 13 days of Ramadan beginning June 18, the rest was collected in July, with donations peaking towards the end of the holy month.

With a monthly average of around RO34,000 before Ramadan, donations picked up with the arrival of the holy month, taking the June total to RO61,413.83. In July, the amount raised till Sunday morning was RO131,730.64.

The last five days of the holy month saw the portal raising about RO60,000, with RO15,970.62 being raised on July 16, the highest daily amount for the month.

Donations 2

Although this year’s Ramadan collection is significant, it falls way short of RO290,642, the amount raised last year during the holy month. Before 2014, the highest collection witnessed during the holy month was RO74,336 in 2011, RO63,311 in 2013 and RO41,561 in 2012.

From the annual donation of just RO1,824 in 2009, the collections went up to RO13,128 in 2010 and since 2011 has crossed the RO100,000 mark every year. The portal raised RO111,206 in 2011 and RO111,454 in 2012, while breaking the RO200,000 barrier for the first time in 2013, reaching RO214,669.15, which was the highest for a given year since its launch in 2009.

The portal this year has collected RO366,329.48 through 12,723 donors, while a total of RO1,367,030 through 54,665 donors has been raised since 2009.

The collections for 2014 reached a record sum of RO547,547.40, more than 120 per cent of RO452,281 raised from 2009 to 2013.

The top three beneficiaries in 2015 have been the Oman Charitable Organization (RO156,150, Al Rahma Charity Team – Seeb (RO105,411.11) and Dar al Atta’a (RO73,537.99).

People can donate and choose from over 30 causes such as Pay your Zakah, Zakat al Fitr, Fasting Fidyah Expiation, Ramadan iftar Meal, Donation for Eid Clothes, Sadaqa, Syria Help Campaign, Orphans Care, Donations for Masjid, General Donations, Family Care, Social Care, International Relief, Student Care and Medical Support among others.