Derian delivers Friday sermon at Mansouri mosque, says Karami’s death big national loss

JANUARY 2, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) Mufti of the Lebanese Republic, Sheikh Abdulatif Derian, delivered Friday’s sermon from Tripoli’s Al-Mansouri Grand Mosque, in the presence of Prime Minister Tammam Salam, Former Prime Minister Foaud Sinoura representing Future Movement Leader, Saad Hariri, as well as other official figures and dignitaries who swarmed the city of Tripoli to take part in the funeral rituals of late Prime Minister Omar Karami.

“May God bless the deceased, President Omar Karami, a man who lived by fixed constants and died while carrying the very same beliefs. May his soul rest in God’s mercy,” the Mufti said after reciting prayers upon the soul of the deceased.

On the other hand, the Mufti regretted that the city of Tripoli has been enduring unrest and a great deal of negligence.

“It is our duty to lift injustice off the city of Tripoli, so that it could assume its historical role which it has always taken pride in,” the Mufti said.

He also blasted those who were killing in the name of Islam.

“Those damned people have abandoned God’s track (…). We don’t belong to these people. We are fully attached to God’s firm track,” he added.