De Freige calls for patience responding to Quneitra attack

JANUARY 22, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) State Minister for Administrative Development, Nabil De Freige, called on Hezbollah to be patient before taking any decision to respond to Israel’s assault on one of its military convoys in the Syrian town of Qneitra, which left 6 senior Hezbollah members dead and many injured.

“I’m not aware of what will happen at the Council of Ministers today, but all I know is that Lebanon’s interest should be placed before any other. Lebanon cannot tolerate to be destructed in a warfare another time,” the lawmaker told Future T.V..

He went on to consider that Iran, which also lost a top military commander in the same attack, had no interest in delving into a wide-scale war with super power countries, especially now that its nuclear negotiations with the U.S. remain ongoing.

“U.S. president Barack Obama had mentioned the possibility of mitigating sanctions imposed on Iran,” he said, considering this Iran’s prime option in light of the economic deadlock in the Islamic Republic.