Darian welcomes Kaag, Egyptian Ambassador

APRIL 02, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdullatif Darian on Thursday welcomed at Dar-al-Fatwa United Nations Special Coordinator for Lebanon, Sigrid Kaag, in presence of Secretary General of the National Committee for Islamic-Christian dialogue, Mohammad Sammak.

“I had an excellent meeting with the Grand Mufti. This was my first chance to meet with him and discuss some matters in Lebanon and the region,” Kaag told reporters following the meeting.

“I was impressed by the Mufti’s role in fighting extremism and clarifying the image of moderate Islam, in addition to preserving the unity of all religions that have existed in Lebanon since a long time,” she said.

“We also highlighted the importance of dialogue among Christians, as well as the importance of political dialogue between Hezbollah and Future Movement. We discussed the obligation to preserve peace and security in Lebanon, especially amid the current juncture,” she concluded.

Darian later met with Egyptian Ambassador to Lebanon, Mohammad Badreddin Zayed, who said following the meeting that he discussed with the Mufti the fields of cooperation between al-Azhar and Dar-al-Fatwa.

In response to a question on Yemen, the envoy said he was confident that moderation would eventually triumph in the war-torn country.