Daher denounces the ‘lies’ targeting him: What bothers me most is that the Army has become a tool against us

OCTOBER 26, 2014 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) As the City of Tripoli continued to witness for the 3rd consecutive day ongoing clashes between Army units and extremists, MP Khaled Daher held a press conference on Sunday “denouncing the alleged lies directed against him by the (Party of Iran) over his contacts,” adding that he was disturbed the most “by the transformation of the Army into a tool to hit Sunnis.”

However, Daher expressed support to the military institution “provided that it plays its national role fairly and equitably.”

Daher went on to state that the campaign unleashed against him and the rumors about his position regarding incidents in Tripoli and the North “were aimed at undermining him, as well as the Sunnite national scene, which is attached to civil peace and stability, and to the State and its institutions, the Army and Internal Security Forces.”

Daher called for the implementation of the Constitution and the security plan throughout Lebanon. “If the security plan does exist, we completely support it” added Daher, urging all political and religious leaders in the country to work to “stop the war machine in Tripoli, Bhannine and Minnieh, and to put an end to attacks against Sunnis in Lebanon.”

Daher did not fail to criticize the involvement of Hezbollah in Syrian fighting, which he considered “contradicting to international resolutions and must stop for the sake of Lebanon.” He also urged Sunni leaders “not to cover attacks on innocent people because that would promote the rise of extremism without solving the country’s problems.”

“We need a cease-fire immediately in Tripoli and a peaceful solution that would save the lives of soldiers whose mission is to fight the enemy, not the civilians,” stressed Daher.