Unsafe beaches and walkways

It’s annoying to see behaviour of certain individuals who ignore the interests of others while using public places. Such public places include beaches and pathways.


Many times, you will find vehicles speeding on the beach despite clear signs prohibiting vehicles, including motorbikes, on the beach. This violation happens on most evenings when people are relaxing with their families or playing football, volleyball or are swimming and children are enjoying in the sand.

Several near-misses have already happened. Unfortunately, the ROP and municipality officials often pass by these areas without taking any action. Now, it is up to the authorities to decide whether to enforce the instruction on the boards put up at every entry to the beach, or stop the public from using these places. We cannot have both!

One option could be blocking all vehicle entries to the beach and leave only one for emergencies, with, for example, an open and close mechanism. Another annoyance to the public is parking of boats and vehicles on pathways when ample dedicated space is available for both, cars and boats.

These pathways are heavily used in the mornings and evenings by joggers or people who walk for exercise. Boats and cars parked on the pathway force pedestrians to walk on the road, which is unsafe.

Beaches and their pathways are not just for people of the city. They are also a tourist attraction. If we want to encourage people to exercise and also attract touristswith this scenario, the purpose is getting lost.

Authorities need to walk their talk. Whoever is in charge of enforcing a rule, needs to patrol these areas and punish the violators. Safety comes first.