MUSCAT: A chips brand (Oishi Crackling) containing pork that was discovered to be kept in the halal section of some supermarkets has been pulled out by authorities.

The Muscat Municipality has asked these establishments to abide by regulations of the country and have a separate section for such products.

Only some supermarkets in the sultanate have been given the permission to stock non-halal products and are required to have a separate section for these.

“Our inspectors found that some supermarkets were not keeping Cracklings chips, which contains pork, in the non-halal section. We have pulled out the stocks from these establishments,” after finding that the product contains pork.

“Non-halal products are supposed to be sold in specific supermarkets and in separate sections. Outlets that do not abide by the directives will face consequences,” the official said.

A shopper said that non-halal products should be banned totally. “Neither should they be mixed with other products nor sold in separate sections,” said Saleh al Naamani.

For others it was okay for stores to keep the products as long as they are segregated. “The section where they are stocked should be marked clearly. There are people in Oman who use these products and have the right to access them,” said Amour al Tauqi.

SOURCE: Muscat Daily