Chehayeb: Saudi safeguarded what’s left of Arab dignity

APRIL 19, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) Saudi Arabia, through launching its ” Storm of Firmness’ safeguarded what’s left of Arab dignity, minister of Agriculture Akram Chehayeb, stated in a press release today.

By receiving the French consignment of military hardware, paid for by Saudi Arabia, the army effectively blocked the infiltration of the war from Syria into Lebanon, the minister added. Continued Saudi support for Lebanon ever since Taef and, in the face of Israeli aggression bolstered the Lebanese economy let alone the huge remittances sent by tens of thousands of Lebanese working in Saudi Arabia, he went on.

Ethical and moral obligation, requires that we whole heartedly thank Saudi Arabia for assisting Lebanon and for launching its “Storm of Firmness’ in one final bid to restore a shattered Arab dignity in Yemen, Iraq, Syria at the hands of an imperial Persian dream that laid its hands on a mere verbal legacy of regimes merely saying “NO” to Israel albeit lending it in fact, a concrete helping hand, Chehayeb concluded.