Chamoun from Tripoli: We shall not allow for anyone to have control over Lebanon

APRIL 19, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) “Free National Liberals” Party Head, Deputy Dori Chamoun vowed Sunday that “no one shall be allowed the chance to have any control over Lebanon,” adding that the “Iranian attempt to control the region is a futile one and is definitely doomed to fail.”

Chamoun’s words came during his patronization of a popular ceremony organized by his Party in commemoration of the Lebanese civil war held at “Quality Inn” Hotel in Tripoli under the headline: April 2015 – Tripoli a City of Coexistence.

“We have one country named Lebanon, one independence, and many people have tried to trade it,” added Chamoun, stressing that “no matter what befalls it, Lebanon shall eventually succeed in recovering.”

Chamoun praised the efforts exerted by the people and officials of Tripoli in putting an end to the difficult phase their city had witnessed, successfully overcoming its crisis through the awareness of its leaders and citizens. He hoped that “Tripoli would regain its pioneering role at the national level as Lebanon’s second capital and a city of coexistence.”

In turn, Justice Minister Ashraf Rifi welcomed all in Tripoli “the city of coexistence, national unity and openness,” while stressing on the “common humanitarian, moral and civilization values linking all the Lebanese together, most prominent of which is the love for Lebanon, a nation that has given the world a message and example of coexistence, Christians and Muslims, united together on a blessed land.”

On the other hand, Rifi criticized Hezbollah’s recent positions, saying “it has transformed the country into a chamber of operations for the Iranian influence,” adding that “it is utterly unacceptable to render the whole country a mere tool.”

“We firmly reject any tampering with the Lebanese-Saudi relation, which has risen to its duty in protecting Yemen, preventing its division and preserving the popularly-elected Yemen legitimacy, in the face of an Iranian influence that boasts of its control over 4 Arab capitals, and of swimming in the Mediterranean waters,” stressed Rifi.