’Challenges of Sustainable Development’ Conference recommends activating Arab cooperation, expertise exchange

OCTOBER 28, 2014 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) The Arab Conference on “Sustainable Development in Administrative Departments and Local Councils” on Tuesday winded up its work sessions, with the recommendation of activating Arab cooperation and exchange of expertise, in addition to establishing an Arab cooperation network concerned in training and rehabilitation.

The Conference was organized by the Arab Organization for Social Responsibility at the “Hilton Metropolitan” Hotel in Sin El Fil, Beirut, under the patronage of Mount Lebanon Commissioner, Fouad Fleifal, and attended by scores of official, religious, municipal, media and social dignitaries, including National News Agency Director, Mrs. Laure Sleiman Saab.

Partaking in said conference have been representatives of Arab municipalities and unions, key government agencies, and experts from the private and public institutions concerned in social responsibility.

In her delivered word, NNA Director Saab shed light on the significance of media and its role in matters related to social responsibility and the dissemination of its concepts.

Saab underlined the sanctity of the press message and its liberties, which cannot be tampered with as long as it abides by the code of ethics which preserves civil peace and freedom of others.

The NNA Director underscored the need for a responsible media, notably in abiding by the professional and ethical standards and committing to the notions of objectivity, precision and accuracy in the dissemination of news- while simultaneously maintaining public liberties.

“Social responsibility and preservation of civil peace are much more important than any scoop,” Saab said, stressing the need for a rational and realistic media coverage that abides by professional ethics and takes the supreme national interests into consideration.