Cabinet approves stopping Syrian refugees’ entry to Lebanon

OCTOBER 23, 2014 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) Information Minister Ramzi Jreij declared on Thursday, following the Cabinets session, that Ministers discussed the Ebola virus issue and hoped that the Ministry of Information would be involved in the fight against this disease.

Jreij said that Prime Minister Tammam Salam raised the issue of the Syrian refugees and presented the paper of the ministerial Committee concerned with the Syrian displacement policy in Lebanon, and the Council approved on it.

In terms of refusing the refugees’ enrty, the government agreed on stopping the acquisition of refugees (and only allow it in exceptional cases) and called on the UNHCR to stop registering refugees except under the approval of the Social Affairs Ministry.

Jreij said that the Cabinet has also approved to extend the term of the mobile companies in Lebanon for another 6 months in the same conditions.

“The security plan was also tackled, similarly to the refugees’ dossier, and it [the plan] is still under implementation,” he said.