Biskintawi: We reject the Rentals’ law

APRIL 26, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) We reject a bad Rentals’ law liable to displace us all, Antoine Biskintawi of the Committee for the Defense of Old Tenants in Ein-Rimmaneh neighborhood, informed the NNA today.

The government must assume full responsibility in dealing with an atrocious law backed by real estate companies, banks and real estate middlemen, he added. As we reject out-of-hand a law bound to throw us and our families into the street, we reiterate our support for Speaker Berri’s initiative, he exclaimed.

Biskintawi, urged all old Tenants and their supporters to take to the street on Wednesday, April the 29th by marching in protest against the law from Barbeer intersection to the House of parliament.