Bassil: Reassured towards one another inside Lebanon, with no external bets

APRIL 19, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) Foreign and Expatriates Minister, Gebran Bassil, referred Sunday to “the state of reassurance prevailing on the internal scene between various Lebanese sides, without any bets on external sides, since such betting would eventually collapse on the inside,” he noted.

Bassil’s words came during his visit to former Deputy Prime Minister, Issam Fares, in Baino-Akkar, where he was warmly welcomed by a crowd of officials and supporters.

“Amidst the current ongoing events in the surrounding region,” Bassil said, “we have to preserve one another and respect each other’s particularities, freedom of belief and liberty,” while warning of any “border game” which he considered “would endanger Lebanon and the region as a whole.”

“We, as Lebanese, are capable of shinning through our message and our thoughts as Easterners,” added Bassil, citing Akkar as an example of “solidarity and national bonding between the different components of its social fabric despite all the security tension and long years of deprivation it has witnessed.”

“This is the exact message of national unity that we are expressing right here, today, from this place,” stressed Bassil, while betting on the “internal dialogue between the Lebanese as the sole means to withhold and prevent any sectarian strife threats from taking their toll.”

It is to note that a luncheon banquet was held in honor of Minister Bassil and his accompanying delegation of senior “Free Patriotic Trend” members during their visit.