Bassil: National unity supersedes Arab solidarity

APRIL 02, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Minister, Gebran Bassil, held a press conference on Thursday in which he highlighted the paramount importance of placing national unity at the top of priorities and giving it more importance than Arab solidarity.

“This is how we [Lebanon] practice our foreign policies,” the minister said, reminding of the fact that Lebanon has snubbed a statement which condemns some Lebanese stances on Bahrain developments.

“We have previously made clear that we stand against the condemnation of any Lebanese political team by the Arab league, and that’s why we have refused dubbing Hezbollah as a militia,” the Minister said.

Bassil reminded of Lebanon’s official stance from Yemen developments, which is the country’s self-distancing policy.

“We abide by the ministerial statement which is the byproduct of national dialogue,” Bassil asserted.

As for evacuating Lebanese citizens from Yemen, the Minster said that due to Lebanon’s modest capacities, the government was coordinating with other countries to ensure a safe return of citizens back to Lebanon.