MUSCAT: Social and environmental responsibility has been an integral part of the way BankDhofar operates. As part of sustainable banking, BankDhofar conducted a CSR and sustainability training programme specifically for the top management team recently.

The training concentrated on providing the top management with research that leads to the development and implementation of theories, tools and methods to enable banking and financial services transactions that promote environmental sustainability.

Ahmed Said al Ibrahim, deputy general Manager of government banking said, “We believe that true progress begins with social and economic development at a community level. Corporate Social Responsibility focuses on the principle of sustainability and at BankDhofar we ensure that we are influential contributors to economic and social progress. Our CSR program focuses on three core areas, social development, environment protection and employee engagement.”

The training concentrated on the bank’s CSR/Sustainability strategy and plan, including stakeholder engagement. Using a systems-based approach the training aligned the methods to assess, implement CSR, manage risks and develop a CSR strategy.

Ibrahim added, “The programme was designed to develop socially responsible leaders, which actually builds a platform for developing leaders both at the business front and community front.”

Global best practice and the leading reporting framework on sustainability (GRI) include stakeholder engagement as one of the primary functions of a robust CSR & Sustainability framework.

Training the top team at BankDhofar in sustainability is one of many steps that include engaging bank’s customers and employees alike also driving long-term economic development which should occur in a manner that, it is not only economically viable but also environmentally responsible and socially relevant.

BankDhofar’s continuous efforts to evolve and better their services and approach to customer and their social responsibilities is reflected in the recognition which it has received such as the ‘Best Islamic Community Support’ award which Maisarah, the Islamic Banking arm of BankDhofar received from Gulf Financial Market Review magazine.