In its quest to support initiatives by Omani entrepreneurs as well as do its part on promoting tourism in Oman, Bank Sohar has sponsored the recently launched ‘Oman in Focus 2’ photography tour which will focus this year on Oman’s stunning marine life.

Organised by In Focus Studio, the tour was launched at a press conference where the theme and focus of the tour was introduced by In Focus Studio owner Maisa al Hooti alongside the introduction of each of the world-renowned photographers. Representing Bank Sohar at the press conference were Mazin Mahmood al Raisi, AGM and head of marketing & publicity, and marketing team members.

Commenting on the bank’s sponsorship of the event, Munira Abdulnabi Macki, DGM human resources and corporate support of Bank Sohar said, “Being an Omani organisation, we share a deep sense of national pride and love for our country. Therefore we aim on raising Oman’s profile overseas and help showcase Oman’s natural beauty to the world.

“We are always prepared to support Omani entrepreneurs and innovative projects that bring the country’s rich cultural heritage and potential for recreational tourism into the limelight both locally and worldwide. By supporting the ‘Oman in Focus 2’ photography tour we can achieve both these goals.”

With a focus on marine life this year, the ten-day tour will see the photographers capture the underwater beauty of Oman in four key locations – Mussandam, Damaniyat Islands, Musannah, and Muscat.

The tour will culminate in a special exhibition that will be held at The Wave on April 12. The exhibition will feature some of the best photographs taken by each photographer on the tour of the various mentioned locations.

“With the country’s increased focus on the tourism sector, projects and initiatives such as this are vital towards promoting Oman as a hub for nature and cultural tourism in the region. Given its importance and our position as a leading Omani organisation, we feel it is our responsibility to support such key events,” said Raisi.

He added, “However, in addition to directly supporting the tour, we dedicated one of our staff to accompany the In Focus team and provide our social media fans with regular updates and photographs of the tour’s progress.”

The ‘Oman in Focus 2’ photography tour was conceived and organised by the In Focus Studio owner, Maisa.

SOURCE: Muscat Daily