MUSCAT: Students of Bangladesh School Muscat have won the hearts of the viewers at the Muscat Festival at Amerat Park.

They pleased the viewers by presenting outstanding performances, focusing on different vital aspects and issues of the world. They presented an exclusive cultural programme to make the audience aware of the importance of the earth. It was done with the support and guidance of the Ministry of Education (MoE).

They presented six different performances at the festival. Officials of MoE highly appreciated the performances of the students.

A quiz competition was held to make the programme more meaningful.

The students showed how to save, recycle and reuse waste materials in a choreography done to rhythmic music. A skit and a dance were also shown with the emphasis on road safety and conservation of environment.

The students’ performances pleased the viewers, among whom were some foreigners.

“It was amazing, mind blowing! I am pleased with the performances of these children,” said Loew, a Swedish woman.

“It was not only a performance it was a massage to us. These youngsters did an excellent job! Through their lovely presentations they conveyed a massage to us to save the earth. I thank them for their lovely performance,” added the delighted Loew.

Sue and Ian Oliver, a South African couple liked the dance on conservation of environment.

Sue said, “Saving environment is the need of today. It looks as if everybody is trying to destroy it. It must be stopped. These lovely kids tried to open our eyes. It was fantastic, really fantastic!”

The students’ programme started with a recitation from the Holy Q’uran.

After the introduction, a song titled ‘I am the earth’ was sung by tiny tots of the school. The song was about creating harmony between nature and human beings.

An appealing choreography was presented to highlight the recycle and reuse of waste material through the song ‘Re-cycle it’.

In the form of pantomime, a skit was presented on road safety.

“A drop of water is worth more than a sack of gold to a thirsty man”…to prove this truth, the girls of the school presented an umbrella dance wearing traditional Bangladeshi tribal dresses.

The colourful presentation ended with a song that appealed to the viewers to save the earth.