Azzi: “Garbage” plan adopts Kataeb reforms

JANUARY 13, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) Labor Minister Sejaan Azzi said on Tuesday that the solid waste plan which was approved by the cabinet yesterday took into consideration the reforms suggested by Kataeb party, mainly those mentioned by Environment Minister Mohammad Al-Mashnouk.

The minister explained that Al-Kataeb ministers directly agreed during the cabinet session yesterday on the plan suggested by Environment minister but instead of finalizing this issue in a short time, the other ministers started to give their remarks.

He noted that they (Kataeb) do not criticize the other ministers for giving remarks but it was obvious yesterday that all parties had more remarks on the file than Al-Kataeb, indicating that some intended to imply to the public that Al-Kataeb shoulder the responsibility of disrupting the solid waste management file.

Responding to a question, Azzi denied that the cabinet session yesterday tackled the issue of changing the cabinet’s work mechanism and of replacing consensus by voting.

“This issue was not discussed at the cabinet’s session, and as former President Amine Gemayel said this would be just like playing with fire,” Azzi said.