Asiri: What interest lies behind certain party’s posture towards Yemen?

APRIL 13, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) What genuine interest lies behind a certain party’s posture towards Yemen?! Saudi ambassador Ali Asiri, exclaimed before a meeting of Saudi-led Coalition representatives in Beirut today.

Having discussed unraveling accelerated developments in Yemen, Asiri, briefed accredited Saudi-led Coalition diplomats in Beirut, over Riyadh’s launching of the military operation code-named “Storm of Firmness” with the purpose of preserving Yemen’s sovereignty and integrity.

Asiri blamed Iran (without naming it) of duping a group of Yemenis and dragging it along with it; Not only that, it strived to cover up its wrongdoing by tarnishing the Saudi image and reputation, Asiri added. The ambassador also called into question March 8 overreaction without naming them.

Accredited ambassadors from the Saudi-led Coalition for their part, expressed full backing to Saudi Arabia and went as far as deploring the anti-Saudi campaign orchestrated by local politicians and medias; Ambassadors hinted that such campaigns were liable to compromise official and individual Lebanese interests as well. They reiterated full backing to Asiri.