Army Commander delivers order of the day marking Army Day

July 31, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) Lebanese Army Commander, General Jean Kahwaji, said on Friday that the strength of Lebanese Army institution is only preserved by maintaining an equal distance from all the people alike.

The Army Commander also stressed the importance of having the people of Lebanon rally around the Army institution, which in turn demonstrates commitment to national consensus.

Below is the Army Commander’s order of the day taken from the Lebanese Army’s official website:


If the First of August is the official day of the establishment of the Army, you make each day a special day for Honor, dignity and courage. This 70th Anniversary comes upon us after a year elapsed, filled with terrorist attacks on Army posts in Aarsal. These attacks, which you have confronted bravely and heroically and through which you have presented a long trail of martyrs, injured and kidnapped heroic comrades that have strengthened Lebanon and protected all the Lebanese citizens from cunning terrorist plans through their sacrifices, these attacks have targeted the military institution, the main pillar of the nation, with the aim of controlling geographic locations and stirring turmoil between citizens which jeopardizes the unity, solidarity and Independence of Lebanon.


You have relentlessly confronted terrorism at the eastern borders and preserved the promise of our martyr heroes, embodying the noblest significances of honor, sacrifice and loyalty. You have also relentlessly nipped sabotaging cells from their buds inside Lebanon and most of the time while being away from the spotlight. As the entire world may witness, the Lebanese Army has reached in his confrontation of terrorist organizations a level of professionalism that measures up to major armies.

Therefore, be totally prepared to face these terrorists, just as the Israeli Army that is still lurking to violate the Lebanese solidarity in different ways and methods, such as the crash of two drones a while ago over Saghbine and the port of Tripoli. These incidents clearly confirm that the evil plans and intentions of the enemy towards the region in general and Lebanon in particular are now exposed and they go in parallel with terrorism’s plans to target the unique Lebanese formula, not to mention its historic greed for our land, waters and natural richness.


Be aware that the immense crisis engulfing the whole Arab region and the absence of any clear horizons pointing to the way out on the short run, in addition to the continuous Lebanese political divisions which led to the Presidential vacuum and caused, once again, the cancellation of the military parade and the ceremony where the graduating officers are awarded with the swords represent factors that necessitate from your side, now more than any other time in the past, to close ranks and to show vigilance and complete readiness to safeguard the country’s unity, sovereignty and the path of civil peace. Bear in mind that the strength of your military institution depends on its unity and tenacity and on remaining unbiased vis-a-vis the different Lebanese side sand relies on avoiding any local differences and narrow interests. The Army is strong thanks to the Lebanese people’s support and to the Institution’s commitment to the pact of National Accord which the Lebanese have unanimously agreed on regardless of their sectarian affiliations.


On the 70th Army Day, you have all the right to feel proud with the achievements of this institution which protected Lebanon and preserved its cultural aspect in contrast with what many have bet on. We renew on this Army Day our confirmation that our troops who were abducted by terrorist organizations a year ago will remain a commitment that we are engaged to resolve until they are freed and until their suffering ends and when they return safely to their families and loved ones. I call upon you to strengthen your belief in this country for you are its guardians from north to south and from sea to the eastern borders. You are the pulse of its vigor and the guarantee of its promising future.”