Aoun: Talks about security posts appointments unreal

APRIL 28, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) MP Michel Aoun told a news conference on Tuesday that incoming news about appointments at vacant security posts were untrue, noting that the state is deteriorating.

“Today, we are speaking about the presidency of the republic and the qualifications of the next president. We want a strong president who does represent people and who can be a reference for everybody,” Aoun said following his Change and Reform parliamentary bloc’s meeting at Rabieh.

“What is happening today is that they seek to strip the presidency from the power of making decisions and the army command from competences. There are competences that are capable of building institutions, and all what is being said about appointments at security posts is unreal and illegal,” he indicated.

The issue of mandate extension is being planned to cast away some figures. I did not want to say that I want Shamel Roukoz to head the army. I just said that I want an army chief in compliance with the law,” he added.

“This matter is out of discussion and extending any mandate is not allowed (…) we must work on reforms,” he said.

“The necessary decisions at the Lebanese state are being endorsed in an illegitimate way, especially within the military institution,” he concluded.