Almouj Golf and The Chedi Muscat recently signed an agreement to enhance their ongoing partnership and commitment to driving tourism in Oman.

Building on an existing business relationship, the two companies are dedicated to bringing one of the region’s most celebrated golfing destinations together with the luxury of Muscat’s 5-star travel accommodations, offering better provisions to golf enthusiasts partaking in Almouj Golf’s Chedi Monthly Medal competition with a number of additional benefits for the club.

“Our recent agreement with The Chedi Muscat demonstrates our continued focus on positioning Almouj Golf as a world-class golfing destination and Oman as a global tourism hub. As the most popular domestic course in the sultanate, we have identified The Chedi Muscat as the right partner to generate increased exposure for the club through branding, events and strategic communication,” said Simon Duffield, general manager of Almouj Golf. Under the agreement, The Chedi Muscat embraces the game of golf and will continue to be a key facilitator for The Chedi Muscat Monthly Medal, in addition to leveraging a number of additional benefits.

The sponsorship will see the hotel maintain its naming rights on the monthly competition, as well as delivering products on competition days, and generating increased exposure for Almouj Golf through liaison with the media and other brand-based activities.

Christoph Girsch, executive assistant manager at The Chedi Muscat, commented, “As one of the world’s leading hotels, The Chedi Muscat and Almouj Golf have together crafted an agreement that will serve to boost the experience of our guests, golfers and tourists alike. Driving tourism is not just about footfall, it is about the quality of the visit and the luxuries that come with it. The Chedi Muscat is one of those rare hotels that is both inspired and inspiring, and we believe that this recent enhancement of our business relationship with Almouj Golf can take our legacy to the next level.”

As Almouj Golf and The Chedi Muscat set the stage for golfers worldwide, guests are now destined for an unparalleled experience that cannot be found elsewhere throughout the sultanate.

SOURCE: Muscat Daily