MUSCAT: To encourage communities and businesses to rethink about waste recycling boxes the alizz islamic bank, in partnership with Muscat Daily, has installed paper collection boxes in both Muscat and Sohar.

According to a press release, the boxes have been installed at the Sultan Qaboos University, Waljat College of Applied Sciences, College of Banking & Finance, Azzan bin Qais International School, Palm Garden Sohar and the Sohar Industrial Estate office.

The bank has also installed two paper collection boxes at its head office in Ruwi as part of its initiative to encourage its staff to act responsibly.

The main objective of the initiative is to encourage recycling and reuse of newspapers, magazines, shredded paper, telephone directories, wrapping paper etc. According to, recycling one tonne of paper saves 17 mature trees, 7,000 gallons of water, three cubic yards of landfill space, two barrels of oil, and 4,000KW of electricity.

This is enough to power an average home for five months. The process of recycling paper instead of making it from new materials causes 74 per cent less air pollution and uses 50 per cent less water.

Aisha Abdullah al Kharusi, chief marketing officer of alizz islamic bank, said the initiative is aimed at achieving a number of goals, including raising awareness about the importance of recycling paper.

The project is one of the bank’s CSR initiative to help protect the environment for the future generation, she added. Over 73 per cent of all newspapers are recovered for recycling. A little more than 48 per cent of all office paper is recycled.

This can be used to make writing papers, paperboard, tissue and insulation.