Ali: Six detained drivers now on their way back to Lebanon

APRIL 6, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) Head of the Refrigerated Trucks Owners Syndicate in Lebanon, Omar al-Ali, disclosed Monday in a phone call with the National News Agency that “six Lebanese drivers who got detained between Syria and Jordan’s border-crossing have been allowed through and are currently on their way back to Lebanon, namely: Obeid el-Weiss, Hussein Mohamed el-Weiss, Ali Serhan Samaha, Ahmed Jassim al-Daher, Haidar Shukrji, while the name of the 6th driver is not yet known.”

Ali indicated that he “received a call from one of the persons following-up on the case stating that the 6 drivers were permitted to drive their trucks across the shared borders Monday afternoon, taking the same path as the previous convoy towards al-Soueidaa region until reaching the Lebanese-Syrian borders.”

Furthermore, Ali noted that he “personally spoke with five of the returning drivers but has been unable to communicate with the 6th driver till the moment.”

“The total number of detained drivers reached 19, 8 of whom had arrived earlier Sunday, while 6 are now on their way back and the rest will follow, God willing,” added Ali.

As for the Lebanese drivers detained at al-Omari crossing along the Saudi Arabian-Jordanian borders, Ali said: “We have 120 drivers trapped there and we are following-up on their situation hour by hour, working with the concerned sides to secure their safe return as well.”