Alain Aoun: There will be no emerging from any crisis without additional gains in restoring Christian rights

August 02, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) “We shall not come out of any crisis except with additional gains in the battle to restore Christians’ rights,” said Change and Reform Parliamentary Bloc Member, MP Alain Aoun, on Sunday.

Aoun’s words came during his visits to Debel and Rmeish, where he had a closer look at their developmental needs.

“Balanced growth and development can only be achieved through implementing decentralization and reviving the capabilities of remote regions,” said Aoun, stressing that his Bloc “is concerned with Lebanon, as a whole, and its attention to rural areas is equal to that of Beirut and the Mountain.”

“The Free Patriotic Movement’s policy is based on consolidating Christians’ presence on their land,” Aoun added. He reiterated that that “there will be no emerging from any crisis without restoring Christians’ rights,” while stressing that “whoever surrenders early in the presidential crisis shall have no place around the table when solutions are ripe.”