Alain Aoun: Our alliance with Hezbollah is political and does not surpass the Lebanese borders

APRIL 19, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) Member of the “Change and Reform” Parliamentary Bloc, Deputy Alain Aoun, said Sunday that his Bloc’s alliance with Hezbollah is “political” whereby it is “confined to the boundaries of the Lebanese borders.”

“We do not share Hezbollah’s considerations with regards to Yemen so as to have the same position,” added Aoun, speaking in an interview to “New TV” Channel. “The dispute between Hezbollah and Future Movement in wake of the Yemeni incidents has taken a critical path, for it has elevated to a first-rank-level, namely between Sayyid Hasan Nasrallah and former PM Saad Hariri,” explained Aoun. “However, the keen concern for maintaining dialogue between both parties is a good thing,” he added, noting that “the Yemeni dossier ought to be kept aside amidst the many issues already at stake on the Lebanese scene.”

Over the expected meeting between MP Samir Geagea and General Michel Aoun, he disclosed that “the encounter could happen at any given moment,” adding “it is not impossible for the Lebanese Forces to vote for General Aoun as President, and in wake of any such agreement, it shall be coupled with a partnership project between both parties inside the government.”

Aoun hoped that “Yemen would be back on the right political track the soonest possible,” while regretting “this regional escalation at a time when we were all counting on the Saudi-Iranian rapprochement.”

“We also count on a responsible stand by the Gulf States, for any disagreement between them and any Lebanese party should be limited in its consequences and repercussions to the bilateral relations, without involving any Lebanese citizen residing in the Gulf since he is not at fault and has nothing to do with such political differences,” concluded Aoun.