MUSCAT: Omani entrepreneurs, Jaafar al Haabsi and Zeena al Towayya celebrated the opening of their new store Al Beah al Mubdeah, ecozee for the sale of eco-friendly, recycled and handmade gift items.

The project seeks to create a sustainable safe environment through the reuse and recycle of consumables adopting various creative methods. In addition, this initiative aims to promote hand-made products made of environmentally friendly raw materials locally and internationally.

The opening ceremony took place at Suq bin Rashid market in Ma’abela. The store sells a variety of hand-made gifts and natural products such as women accessories, handbags, watches, pottery, natural soaps, home accessories and decorative objects. All products are made from wood, wool, paper and various recycled and renewable materials.

On the occasion of the opening Zeena said, “Al Beah al Mubdeah, ecozee aims to promote and enhance a culture of recycling consumable materials. It also urges people to embrace the use of these materials as a safe option that allows them to enjoy both aesthetic and healthy features of the product.”

She added, “We aspire to make the use of such products as prevalent culture in our community in order to protect environment and take advantage of available materials to create environmentally friendly products.”

Haabsi said, “Al Beah al Mubdeah, ecozee seeks to provide various gifts and products for all age groups and different occasions, whether Eid occasions, weddings, corporate ceremonies etc. It is just the beginning as our project aspires to grow to incorporate more ideas which need to be gradually implemented.”

It is worth mentioning that Haabsi and Zeena worked in the private sector for some time. They have recently decided to start their full-time self-employment business believing in the innovative abilities of Omani youths who are willing to compete in business and find their place in local and global market.

Zeena is the first Omani woman to reach Antarctica when she joined the International Antarctic Expedition led by Robert Swan, the first person in history to walk to both the North and South Poles to combat the effects of climate change.