Abi Nasr: government ought to provide LAF with arms, personnel

OCTOBER 28, 2014 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) MP Naamtallah Abi Nasr said in a statement on Tuesday that “it is not enough to mourn the Army martyrs and the innocent citizens who fell victims of the latest battles. What happened in Tripoli and moved to Minieh and Akkar puts us before major duties.”

“We must reveal those responsible for the terrorist acts that targeted the military institution,” he urged.

“I have always raised the voice and warned of the danger of leniency with terrorists and with those who stand behind them and support them with stances and weapons and provide them with legal or ideological cover,” Abi Nasr said.

“The people of Tripoli, Minieh and Akkar, along with the Lebanese Army, are paying for this leniency with those who fired at army checkpoints and assaulted officers and soldiers at previous times whether in Akkar, Arsal, Sidon or Tripoli,” he went on, calling upon the Army and the Minister of Defense to reveal the names of everyone involved in such conspiracies against the LAF.

“The Lebanese government must give the Army the necessary cover to carry out its duties in saving Lebanon from the civil strife that reared its head from Tripoli, Akkar and Minieh,” he concluded, urging the provision of the necessary financial resources to encourage young men to enroll in the military institution’s ranks.