AACO for holding officials accountable for trash file

August 01, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) Top Lebanese officials must be held accountable for provoking the present trash crisis let alone their failure to deal with it, the Arab Anti Corruption Organization (AACO) charged in a press release today.

Failure to dispose of Beirut garbage, signals the advent of a failed state phase with the people literally getting submerged in piles of trash with all toxic stench rendering life pretty intolerable the AACO press release added. Turning Beirut the capital into a huge heap of garbage signals not just the advent of a failed state but also the failure of the religious-sectarian system itself.

Failure of the state to cater to the basic needs of the people while reflecting deepening clash of interests between government and confessional officials, threatens to spread to the failed states of Iraq, Jordan, Egypt and North Africa, the statement warned.

The real solution to trash-disposal lies in long-term planning by protecting our countries from air, water, topsoil and seawater pollution, the AACO concluded.