A reason to rejoice…and, a goodbye

Welcome home Your Majesty… . The sultanate is celebrating His Majesty’s return and March 23, 2015 will forever be etched in our memory as one of the happiest days for Oman.

The nationals and the expatriates alike are grateful to the Almighty for His Majesty’s return to the country, and we are all delighted that he is home and we pray for His Majesty’s good health and a very long life.

The last week was therefore a time to rejoice and was a time to celebrate. The week ahead will also see celebrations, though of a different kind and for different reasons. One gorgeous friend will turn 50 the day after, though she doesn’t look more than 40…ok that was an exaggeration, but definitely not more than 41!

The other gorgeous friend shall turn 60 the same day. Strange isn’t it that with all this turning 40, 50 and 60 happening on the same day and different people achieving different milestones, some people out there will turn over a new leaf while others like Pawan will be busy trying to turn over a fig leaf.

Happy birthday Sanj and many happy returns Radha, albeit two days in advance…shall raise a toast or two or three on the 3rd to your health and happiness, and of course, eternal youth! And if 3rd April comes, can 4th be far behind?

We shall remember with grief the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr on April 4, 1968 and the execution of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, on that fateful day in 1979. Two icons brought down because some demented rodents could not match the roar of these majestic lions.

And many moons ago, on that day sometime in the ‘50s, in the city of Patna which was earlier known as Patliputra (the ancient capital of the Magadha Empire which was founded in 490 BC) a child was born to the Verma household, who then went to school in that ancient city in Bihar, run by American Jesuit Fathers (the school, not the city!)

And the story continues…after traipsing all over India for about 30 years, the protagonist followed his destiny to the beautiful Paradise called Oman and has been here for the last 30 years. And in this second 30-year phase of his life, there came the opportunity of getting associated with a new baby that was born in Muscat in 2009 (not to their household but to the sultanate) and together they walked, hand in hand, growing from strength to strength.

And now after about five years or so and 129 articles of TT later, the time has come to part ways, to bid adieu. Yes, this is my swan song, my chant du cygne! The last TT column in MD! And no, I am not leaving Oman but have been asked to bid farewell to the readers and to make this my final column. I know some of you would be delighted and will probably do a jig and shout out “Yipppeeee” and “about time” etc etc, but a few of you (the gorgeous 50-to-be included!) will probably miss the alternate Wednesdays and the TT.

But c’est la vie – such is life! Why have I been given the axe? I wish I knew the real reason. Apparently everything happens for a reason and sometimes the reason is that one gets carried away with one’s own stupidity.

Obviously in the tug of war between the critics and the supporters, the bloody critics won. They felt that the TT was not for the masses, some even said that they needed a dictionary on alternate Wednesdays, while others complained that one used a lot of quotes and where was my originality?

The Boss said that the TRP was down (I didn’t even know that there was a bloody TRP associated with a column or a newspaper), the readership had apparently increased but subtle tongue-in-cheek humour was being frowned upon and it was either the ban or the honourable form of exit option.

And though I am taking that option, I do not necessarily have to take it lying down. When life throws me a curve ball, I normally try to duck so that it hits someone else. But no amount of ducking is going to help this time and obviously from a heart-throb one is now being reduced to a heart murmur.

As Wodehouse would have said, “I could see that if not actually disgruntled, I was far from being gruntled.” The TT chapter on MD comes to an end…but like the phoenix it will rise and if not here, then hopefully somewhere else. The ‘Trivial’ bit may possibly be replaced by ‘Terrible’ or ‘Terrific’ or ‘Tentigo’ but the Travails shall remain and consequently the TT shall prevail!

The TT readers and I are soul mates and to quote Wodehouse (though not necessarily Wodehousing the quote or the column – subtle difference, I say!): “They are soul mates. He has about as much brain as a retarded billiards ball” and the column is approximately for same type of people. So be it…birds of a feather and all that!

And before I finally sign off, a few random thoughts:

Do you know that sometimes I question my sanity? And sometimes it replies!

Do you know that I can’t figure out if life is passing me by or trying to run me down?

Do you know that the trouble with ignorance is that it picks up confidence as it goes along? Ask my critics! So “If we do meet again, we’ll smile indeed. If not, ’tis true this parting was well made.” (Julius Caesar, Act 5, Scene 1)

SOURCE: Muscat Daily