MUSCAT: As many as 200 students of the Middle East College were awarded diploma certificates and post-graduation degrees at the college’s annual graduation ceremony held at the Al Bustan Palace, a Ritz-Carlton Hotel on Monday.

Ashwin J Kalliath, registrar and deputy dean, convenor said, “Graduation day is always considered one of the best days for a student. At the Middle East College we have the best committed teachers who have churned out some of the best students.

“There are 300 staff members, 170 research papers presented in a year and 40,000 books in the library.” He also talked about a plan to expand the college campus area from the existing 20,000sq m to 44,000sq m.

Yasser Abdullah al Musalmy, a student who graduated as a Bachelor in Electronics Science said, “I am very happy to sport this blue gown and it gives me a sense of responsibility. Now the task is to find a job, which I don’t think will be difficult in Oman’s booming market.”

The students were from various courses such as computer hardware, computer information system, computer system administration, database management system, electronics and telecommunication, multimedia technology, software technology and wireless networking.

SOURCE: Muscat Daily