A Sudanese army unit has succeeded in freeing 71 persons who were being held by human traffickers at Wad Al Hilaio in Kassala State in eastern Sudan, on Tuesday.

An army unit from the 11th Infantry unit in Kassala State also apprehended seven human traffickers and freed the 71 people, the Governor of Kassala State, Adam Jammaa Adam, said.

The governor, accompanied by the Federal Minister for Agriculture, Professor Abdul Lateef Al Ajami, along with a number of local leaders, paid a visit to the head office of the Infantry Unit in Kassala and were briefed about the operation.

The governor vowed that the main concern of the provincial government was to focus on combating the human-trafficking phenomenon and to this end, all resources would be put in place.

Stating that this was the highest number of victims to be freed in a single operation, he described human trafficking as contrary to all religious values and said the local and federal authorities were ready to frustrate any such plans and to apprehend those involved.

He commended the leadership and member of the 11 Infantry unit which he said has been protecting the border areas between the state and neighboring countries.

The commander of the unit, Mahmoud Babikir Hamad, said Kassala state was used as a crossing area for many human traffickers and that the unit and other regular forces were work seriously to uproot the phenomenon from the state and other neighbouring states, through tight co-ordination with the higher security apparatus.

Source: NAM News Network